Individual specialty for you or your customers

Would you like to have printed a logo or layout on the finest chocolate, in the form of wafer -thin plates?
No problem, send usYour print template(best as a vector file: .ai/.eps/.pdf) with all your information
Using these requirements we will create youFree offerOr "good for printing" with a graphic representation of the decor.

Further information on the special designs:

Under the following links you will find the chocolate printing colors and on the other hand the available chocolate shapes and marzipan forms as PDF (A4 original size). In order to get a better idea of ​​printed marzipan latter foder chocolate leplers, simply browse in our respective standard product categories.

We also offer the possibilityForm your own chocolates or marzipanto order (surcharge and delivery period by arrangement).
Incidentally, we also print transfer films for you.

Printing colors for chocolate

Chocolate forms

Marzipan forms

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